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Montavue 16 Port/Channel Hi-PoE Gigabit Managed Switch 240W

Montavue 16 Port/Channel Hi-PoE Gigabit Managed Switch 240W

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16-Channel PoE+ Switch for your Surveillance System

You can expand your network security system with this impressive high-speed 16-channel/port PoE+ switch. This PoE switch powers and transmits data from your cameras just like your NVR does, but it offers you further distance and flexibility when installing your surveillance system from Montavue. With a switch you don’t always have to run cables all the way back to your NVR, instead, you can put the NVR on one end of your building and switch on another. Plug the switch into the router with one single cable, and then run all the cameras on that one side of the building to the switch and the other half to the NVR. 

30W PoE+ Switch – Enough power for even your PTZ Cameras

Most standard IP PoE cameras take only around 6 watts to power them, but some IP cameras such as Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras need additional power to operate as they have more features. For PTZ cameras you need this PoE+ switch, that provides up to 30-watts of power, rather than traditional PoE switches that provide 15-watts of power. This PoE+ switch is equipped to power up to 240 watts. For example, you could hook up to 10 PTZ cameras that take up to 23 watts each when using all features, and then up to 5 IP cameras that use 6 watts to make it to 240 watts in total.

Ability to run your cable up to 600ft

This PoE switch with your router will help you simplify your installation and extend your wiring beyond the 300ft allowed directly from the NVR. Using this PoE+ switch you can expand the distance you can run your cable. You connect your PoE switch to your router using up to 300ft cable and then from your router to your NVR using another 300ft cable giving you a total distance of 600ft. The switch is acting as a power booster in between, as power is lost as the cable gets longer.